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    Birth Certificates Traded On NYSE Stock Exchange – How Much Is Your’s Worth? Who Owns it?

    Check out this video.

    Garko finds out that a military industrial complex company owns his birth certificate which is worth $1000000 by calling a stock broker and giving the digits that are in the bottom right of the certificate in red. We are owned property folks! There’s proof!

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    Posted by US Birth Certificate Staff - Visit US Birth Certificate for Certified Birth Certificate Copies-Fast

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    By admin | 22. Jun 2010 | Birth Certificate | 8 Comments »


    1. unfortunately it is true..request a copy of your original BC and on the back will be a CUSIP number that is your stock number.

      The CUSIP trading number is owned by the bankers association

      unfortunately again there is no money the money in your pocket represents Debt not Wealth..The Federal reserve owns exclusive rights to the paper Dollar and they stoled the money before you could figure this out.

      The fed is nothing but a money magic act.

    2. I think I’m going to call a broker. All these so called truthers with no step by step how to’s, let’s all be free but pay me pay me pay me = greedy egotistical halfers doing the same thing as the elite mongrels, all about the MONEY MONEY MONEY !!! I worked hard so why should I share info to make it easier for you, well, because I’ve learned how to make money off of you and I truelly dont care about waking anybody up !!!

    3. Mojorizzin says:

      check out “moneyonaccount (dot) com for some more info on this.

      also google>video> constitution class michael badnarik


    4. Kits2Shoes says:

      Take back control of your strawman and you own the bond being traded. There are over 25 million freemen on the land that have done it in the USA alone. The money is yours, and they have stolen it by deception. There is remedy. Learn it and use it. Copy this video cause they will not likely let it stand. They took Druann’s Birth Certificate video down!!

    5. garkotube says:

      apparently so

    6. @DeanoNTX Did we sell our freedom? If it was taken by devious means then, why should we buy it back? If they can prove ownership then they admit they are slave owners, slavery technically is illegal, so technically they own no one. Cheers

    7. 5 stars Numbers in the system, it all went wrong in 1066 when unlike the most of Europe England was not under feudal tyranny, then by 1086 we had the Doomesday book, the King of England wanted to know what he “owned” (had taken by force of arms). They create money out of thin air. Normaly to lend something you have to have it, you can only borrow a pen if someone has one to lend. They really own nothing because they obtain these things by deceptive and dodgy dealings. Cheers

    8. DeanoNTX says:

      Can we buy our freedom back?

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