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    How long after I order a birth certificate by mail does it take to arrive?

    Question from a Reader, Answer in Comments

    I am going to order a birth certificate for my 9 month old daughter because I lost the original one. I am going to do it by mail. What do I have to send if the baby does not have a id or proof of address and when will the certificate arrive?

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    Posted by US Birth Certificate Staff - Visit US Birth Certificate for Certified Birth Certificate Copies-Fast

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    By admin | 28. Mar 2010 | Birth Certificate | 6 Comments »


    1. Manda P says:

      you can use ss# if they need it otherwise they can just look it up on there computer our friend of court carries a book record too of everyones birth. it will probley take 6-12 weeks

    2. mommynewness says:

      it varies by state

    3. I takes about two weeks but you can also pick it up from the records office closest to you if you need it sooner.

    4. preggo again says:

      In some towns you can go to the town hall where she was born in and they can give it to you while you wait. You’ll have to bring your ID with you, plus the payment. I know in NY it’s $10.00.

      I don’t know about the mail waiting time.

      But if you are close enough, call the town hall tomorrow and see what their policy is.

    5. Ellie H says:

      Yes, like the last answer said, it varies by state… That is so true, in some states they ask for so much, but in others they ask for hardly anything…

    6. Angela W says:

      it can take a couple of weeks

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