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    How long to get late registration birth certificate from Manila NSO?

    Question from a Reader, Answer in Comments

    NSO does not show a birth certificate. What do I need to do to late register my birth certificate, and how long does it take?

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    Posted by US Birth Certificate Staff - Visit US Birth Certificate for Certified Birth Certificate Copies-Fast

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    By admin | 8. May 2010 | Birth Certificate | 4 Comments »


    1. thrillers08 says:

      Good luck to you! You need to prove your identity to do this because of fraudelent BC in the Philippines. They don’t want married Filipino coming in United States to Marry another man.

      How did you got married without BC. ?

    2. basing on their written policy it is supposed to be 10 working days.. but knowing NSO.. pray.. it definitely works :P

    3. 1x1 pic says:

      that’s exactly what happened to my cousin. he was 18 years old when he filed for late registration. from what i can remember, you need an affidavit that can prove that the information that you’re about to write on your birth certificate are true. just find a lawyer that can make an affidavit for you.

      things that you might need to obtain an affidavit:

      parents marriage certificate
      public records
      health records (esp birth records)
      2 witnesses(disinterested persons) of legal age

      my cousin obtained an affidavit for this using his parent’s marriage certificate and two witnesses. most of the time, just having two witnesses is enough; just like in the case of my grandparents.

      after obtaining this, go to your birthplace’s city/town hall and register. after registration, they will forward the information to the Philippine NSO.

      I can’t remember how long the process took place, but when my cousin gets online, i’ll ask him and edit my answer and write it.

      is this for your marriage too? you might also need a ‘Certificate of No Marriage’ (CENOMAR). you can file your authenticated birth certificate and CENOMAR at the same time. CENOMAR and birth certificates can be filed by phone through their helpline: (63) 2 7371111 . it took 10 working days for me when i filed for one.

    4. Yak Rider says:

      I’ll tell you something, if this is going to be used for immigration to the United States you can plan on the application spending a long, long time in the US Embassy’s Visa Fraud Unit. They’re going to send an investigator out and verify everything. Late registration is a major red flag.

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