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    Is a certified copy of the registration of a Statement of Live Birth a long form birth certificate?

    Question from a Reader, Answer in Comments

    I am planning a trip overseas with my son (due to leave within a month!) and was going to apply for a passport for my 11 year old son tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, his birth certificate seems to have disappeared!
    What I do have is a certified copy by the Office of the Registrar-General of Ontario of the Statement of Live Birth with a registration number, date issued. It shows details of the birth (name, weight etc.) as well as information about the doctor & both parents.
    Now, I understand that a long form birth certificate may be required in the case of applying for a child’s passport. My question is, will this be acceptable? It is a legal document issued by the government with all the necessary particulars! So, is it the same as a long form birth certificate and do you think it will be accepted as proof of Canadian citizenship at the passport office? Please help & offer any answer that you can! Thanks in advance.

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    Posted by US Birth Certificate Staff - Visit US Birth Certificate for Certified Birth Certificate Copies-Fast

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    By admin | 23. Apr 2010 | Birth Certificate | 2 Comments »


    1. Woz says:

      What you have should be fine (from what I understand). The trouble you’re going to run into is trying to get a passport in under a month. Good luck with that one.

    2. Lynne B says:

      Yes as far as I know it is……….I was shocked when I got my daughters birth certificates……..and the long form was the one I had filed out in the hospital….if I would of know that I would of written neater! I now warn all my friends to be careful and need when filling out the long form….this birth certificate (long form)……is the only one that will get you a passport so its really good that you have it……most people only get the small one and this is NOT sufficient for getting a passport……… hope this all helps……….you can get a passport in a few days so dont panic about the time………but applying regularly should also be sufficent….make sure the photo is acceptable before leaving the passport office…….do NOt mail in your application……….otherwise they may send you a letter weeks later telling you the photo was not accepted (shadow etc….) try to take your little one with you to the passport office……INCASE they request another photo…you can then go straight away….and retake if needed……gosh havent I gone on!! Hope it was helpful…have a super trip…going anywhere nice? L.Butler

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