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    my birth certificate says name different than name registered with social security. how do i use an aka?

    Question from a Reader, Answer in Comments

    My mother, i just recently found out, switched two names after getting birth certificate. Now i am having trouble with DMV etc. because my name i have used for many years doesnt match what is on birth certificate. Should i just us an AKA and do i
    register it legally somehow.

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    Posted by US Birth Certificate Staff - Visit US Birth Certificate for Certified Birth Certificate Copies-Fast

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    By admin | 25. May 2010 | Birth Certificate | 1 Comment »

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    1. Kim G says:

      The state goes by your Social Security Administration information. You would need to contact your local social office and follow their steps to legally change your name. It’s a process. You can find more information on their website:
      Because the laws are tightening because of illegal immigration and the rise in identity fraud it’s a good time to look into doing this. It’s only going to get harder as the years go on.
      Hope this helps…

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