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    Q&A: Is it illegal to scan and make a copy of your birth certificate?

    Question by Jamie D: Is it illegal to scan and make a copy of your birth certificate?
    My dad needs a copy of his birth certificate fast (new job). He asked me to scan it and email it to him. But I read on the top of his birth certificate and it said something like “You may not create a copy of this certificate” or close to that. Does that mean it is illegal to make a copy of a birth certificate? My dad lives in Minneapolis MN but was originally from WI where me, my mom, and my sister live (my parents aren’t divorced if that’s what you’re thinking).
    UPDATE: It says exactly this “It is illegal to reproduce this certificate according to state statue 69.24″.

    Best answer:

    Answer by The Truth
    You cannot copy a birth certificate and try to pass it off as real. That is what the statute is referring to. Your father can make as many copies of his birth certificate as he would like if he is just giving them to his employer.

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    Posted by US Birth Certificate Staff - Visit US Birth Certificate for Certified Birth Certificate Copies-Fast

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    By admin | 16. Aug 2011 | Birth Certificate | 6 Comments »


    1. p h says:

      I have copied my son’s many times for Little League and the school also copied it, so what is the big deal? You didn’t reproduce it, you made what amounts to a copy. If he had to have it, he had to have it. Period.

    2. doug0102 says:

      It’s OK to make a copy for personal use. Nobody will make a big deal out of it. Probably your dad needs it for insurance or tax purposes (to show he has children.) Do you really think somebody will arrest you for this?

    3. xionkid says:


    4. demos_jones says:

      Same as what everyone else said. You can copy it all you want, nothing illegal about it. Reproducing it means including the raised seal that certifies a legitimate certificate. That’s why they have the seal, where a copy just isn’t enough, and why it’s illegal to reproduce that seal.

    5. Charles R says:

      It is *not* illegal as long as you are not trying to pass the copy off as an original and in any case it is not illegal for you to make the electronic copy .

    6. Barry C says:

      well then read that statute and get your answer there. google is your friend.

      why not simply mail or fedex the original?

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