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    What is the fastest way to get a birth certificate?

    Question from a Reader, Answer in Comments

    I need to sign my child up for kindergarten this year and I can’t seem to find his birth certificate anywhere! My husband and I split and the apartment where the kids and I were living in burnt down due to an electrical fire. Our hometown is like 900 miles away and I have no records for any of my kids and need to get his birth certificate as soon as possible. Does anyone know the fastest way to get this done?

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    Posted by US Birth Certificate Staff - Visit US Birth Certificate for Certified Birth Certificate Copies-Fast

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    By admin | 4. Apr 2010 | Birth Certificate | 4 Comments »


    1. Kerry says:

      go to the local court house they can help you or ring the births deaths and marriages registery both are great sources and they helped me in the past. good luck

    2. Apply for a new one from the county where he was born. It can usually be done online or on the phone. They should also be able to fax a copy to the school.

    3. The "L" Word says:

      Order it online via Vital Chek:

      Select the state and follow the instructions. VitalChek is an authorized government provider of birth and death certificates.

    4. Paul says:

      Man, you have had some horrible luck lately. Fortunately, I know the answer to your question. If you know the county and state where your son was born in, you could call the Vital Statistics department there and see what they can do for you.

      If that doesn’t work, try and I know for sure that they will be able to track down the birth record for you. I needed to find my driving record and it was like a snap of my fingers it was so quick. Their staff is totally helpful too so if you do have other questions or even need other information for your children, they will be able to get it for you. Hope this helps.

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